They say that the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. And that’s exactly how the story of Urban Silks began. 

My husband, who was a frequent traveller for business purposes always returned from his trips to India with the most beautiful sarees. These sarees caught the attention of my friends who admired the style of sarees I wore and wanted their share from this beautiful collection. As this continued, my husband and I decided we could potentially turn this into a business.


Initially, my family and I started our company as ‘Gowry Silks’ in a little corner of our living room. Our collection of handpicked sarees were neatly folded and displayed in plastic shelves, completely contrasting our showroom that was to come many years later.


Our marketing was completely based on social media and word of mouth. We are grateful to our clientele who supported our business in the early days by sharing their admiration for our collection with their friends who later became our clients as well. Between 2009 and 2012, we were grateful to earn the support of many clients from the Tamil community through Facebook.

The success of our online business led renaming Gowry Silks as Urban Silks, in addition to a grand launch of our store in 2013. As our business continued to peak, we introduced a collection of North Indian style sarees that brought in a wider range of clientele from other communities as well up until 2019. However, due to the pandemic that began in 2020, it took a huge toll on our business and our in-person interactions that we enjoyed with our clients. 

To ensure that we continue to stay committed to our vision of providing affordable sarees that are easily accessible to everyone, we have taken this time of stagnancy as an opportunity to revamp our store-based business back to our online platform. We are thrilled to be more accessible and connected to our clients all across North America now! 

We launched an initiative in 2021, giving a few remarkable women on social media an opportunity to create a vision with our sarees and showcase their freedom of creativity.  And with all gratitude to everyone who participated in this project, we have been able to continue reaching a wider range of audience to Urban Silks. 

Urban Silks will keep our promise of providing the best selection of sarees, handpicked with love by my family for you at affordable prices. I am grateful for the support you have given my family and I with Urban Silks and hope to continue building our relationship with you through our online endeavor. 


Mrs. Gowry Mano